Respect The Game

14 10 2010

With neither team leading by more than 5 points, it was a really close game. One could feel the intensity at both benches, with both fans and players cheering and jeering. The coaches were shouting at their players, some instructions, some profanities borne out of frustration.

Soon enough, in the last quarter, the pressure got on the players on the hard court. Words or,as we call it, trash talk were exchanged. From exchanging words, it turned a little more physical and ugly. Tough D was mistaken for rough play and soon, tempers flew and so did elbows… from which whistles blew and technical fouls were given.

Unfortunately, this lead to the fifth fouls to one of our opposing players, their second top-scorer. It didn’t matter though as their top scorer was just scoring at will and was able to keep the game close. However, with a couple of minutes left, another whistle blew and their top-scorer was out of the game.

Our fans roared and so did our players… but it was a little bitter-sweet for me. I wanted to win, and this sudden turn of events really increased our chances, but I did not want the easy way out. It made me doubt if we really deserved to win this..

But, when the final buzzer sounded, it was then that I realized that we were worthy of it and we truly deserved it… To be more precise, it was then that I realized that our opponents were NOT worth of it and did NOT deserve to win. You see, the majority of the opponents refused to exchange pleasantries after the game. I even tried to go up to one of them (if the Celtic’s had Big Baby Davis, this team had Cry Baby Davis) in the locker room and he refused to take my hand shake. What a Wuss!

I have never seen such display of unsportsmanlike conduct. And it was certainly a shock for me to see it from a group of individuals who are supposed to share the common core values of Integrity and One Global Network.  It makes me wonder if there are more of these sore losers out there. If there are, I would seriously re-assess if this is an activity worth having.

Some might question why someone, who cusses at his players and talks trash to opposing players, would have the nerve to write about sportsmanship. My only response is, “Yes, I am passionate and I get crazy during the games… but once that final buzzer rings, I respect the game enough to respect my opponents.”


One and a half month of silence…

28 09 2006

Yup, it’s been that long since my last post in this blog. It’s not that I had nothing new to post. In fact, it is the exact opposite. So many things have been happening at the same time that just when I am about to blog about it, something comes up to distract.

Well, things haven’t really mellowed down yet. There are still a lot of things going on but I am determined to keep this blog updated.

Before I go start blogging again though, here are some of the things that went on in the last couple of weeks/months (in no specific order):

  • Christian Life Program 2006: I was again asked to lead the Christian Life Program for our chapter which started last Sep 10, 2006.
    • Inviting YFC -> Me, inviting YFC leaders at a Kasangga assembly just minutes before our CLP started.
    • Note: During the post-session meeting, I realized that my shirt’s sleeves had holes. 😛
  • Navitaire Basketball: Our company had a fund-raising event for HMS (Hungry Minds School)
    • First there was the PD (Product Development department, where I belong) Rookies vs Veterans challenge. Of course, the Rookies team that I was coaching won 🙂 Yep, I was coaching and I was my usual self.. Very strict and competitive. Actually, I was even grumpier than my usual self (imagine that) because of my toothache. Everyone kept quiet when I got mad at them for not playing without any heart at all.
    • Rookies Team -> Rookies Team
    • Rookies and Vets -> Rookies and Vets with our Director
    • Then I played and coached for the PD team (combination of Rookies and Vets) that played against the BPO team. Thank goodness that my brother is no longer with BPO ‘coz he would syurely know how to counter my plays. The PD team then wenton to playin a corporate league in the Bel Air subdivision. Unfortunately, we only came in third. 😦 But it was definitely a good experience for the team…
    • Team Bel Air-> Navitaire Bel Air Team
  • Bragging time: Sorry, I just have to brag about some recognitions that I received.
    • Although we lost in the championship game of the SFC Summer Basketball League, I was voted as the MVP. Here’s a picture of my trophy:
      • SFC-MVP
    • We had a bowling tournament to celebrate the 6th year anniversary of our company last Aug. I won the Samson Award. 🙂
      • Samson
  • Blue Swoosh Toastsmasters Club: I joined the Toastmasters club in our company to help me improve my speakingand leadership skills. I delivered my first speech, entitled “Love Stories” last July 27 (see programme) and, after a couple of weeks, delivered my second speech project entitled “94 feet.” 🙂

I’m sure there are a lot more things that went on but I’ll just leave that for my future posts.