Start Late, Finish Rich

19 03 2010

I was chatting with an officemate about financial wisdom and he ended up lending me this book. Although there are some ideas/tips that I don’t think will work in Philippines, the fundamentals are pretty helpful.

5119zU-B21L._SL160_[1]Key Ideas

  • Spend Less
  • Save More
  • Make More
  • Give More

Quotable Quotes

  • Give yourself a break: everyone makes mistakes — smart people learn from them
    I cannot agree more.
  • How much you earn has almost no bearing on whether or not you can and will build wealth.
    Although not entirely a new idea, the way it was presented made it clearer. All this time, my idea of getting rich is equated to earning more… when in fact, it should have been saving more.
  • Find your Latte Factor — and turbo-charge it
    My personal Double Latte Factors
        My two mobile subscriptions and my Fitness First membership.
        – Unfortunately, I have contracts with the suppliers so I cannot easily opt out.
  • Pay Yourself First
    I am not sure if this is applicable in the Philippines since I have not heard of the idea of pre-tax savings. However, I think the idea of keeping something (saving) some amount every payday is valid.
  • You cannot get rich by renting
    This is something that I have always believed in. However, the idea presented in the book that owning a home is as "easy" as renting may not be exactly correct in the Philippines.