PDL Update

3 05 2008

As always, my busy schedule caused me to forget about blogging. Fortunately, it did not cause me to miss the PDL sessions.

I do not want to go into details but there were some realizations that I just want to share…

  • I was/am really down in my spiritual life. Ever since I went to the US last year, I’ve found it harder to let go and let God. There was something about living there that makes one feel that everything is within reach and one starts to make up the idea that we do not need Him
  • The craziness that happened to our community (CFC, FLL…) affected me a lot. So much so that I was still nurturing some ill feelings towards fellow members whom I felt left us.

At least now that I’ve brought this out in the open… I can start taking actions to fix ’em.

God bless!


PDL Journey has began

10 04 2008

First of all, thanks to Lei for letting me have her PDL book. =)

Unfortunately, I missed one day so I will need to read two chapters in one day contrary to what is recommended by the author.

Day 1 simply reiterated that “It all starts with God.” Now, this idea has been with me for the longest time. It was the same teaching that we passed on in Singles For Christ and even way back when we were in Youth For Christ. First day always talked about God’s Love and his plan for us.

Given this, it would be natural to expect that it would be a breeze for me to accept the teaching. Unfortunately, I realized that this time around I had more questions. There were things that I accepted before, maybe even blindly, that were not so easy to accept. Although this worries me, I decided to continue on this journey and see where it leads me. I hope that He will help me find a way to overcome my doubts and lead me back to him.

God bless!

For those interested to try out this journey, please feel free to get in touch with me…

Purpose Driven Life

8 04 2008

PDL Earlier we had the orientation for a workshop that we will have for the next seven Mondays. As expected, it will be based on Rick Warren’s best-seller, The Purpose Driven Life.

Nicky has actually been trying to convince me for the longest time to join him in this since he took part in the workshop last year. Of course, I always had the craziest excuses to avoid it. Anyway, to make a long story short, I started to feel spiritually drained and, after a chat session, Nicky initiated another workshop and invited people from the old SFC chapter.

The orientation went pretty well although it did get a little intense (at least for me) because the topic being discussed was something that has been bothering me for awhile… the EAST A1E chapter, our chapter.

I miss the good ol’ days when we had a good vibrant chapter. The time when we actually trusted each other with our deepest secrets because we trusted and cared for another.

Anyway, I think I have finally come to the realization tonight that those days are over and there’s just no way to go back. A lot of the leaders and members have left and it’s now up to the few of us. We either quit on the chapter too or find a way to start over again.

I choose to start over again. 

What’s so funny?

7 01 2008

Last Saturday was the “Big Night” for the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2. Although I am not really a big fan of this edition (I watched each show of the first edition), I keep myself up-to-date through my mom as well as Alaine’s grandma.

//celeb2.pinoybigbrother.com/ The final outcome, with Ruben coming out as the Big Winner, did not really come as a surprise. Filipinos usually had the soft heart for the underdogs or those with humble beginnings. I still remember Hero Angeles’ video during the Star Circle Quest (yeah, I watched the finals of that show too… only the finals ha!).

What I noticed about that “Big Night” though was the spoof that they did on the Big Four. Although some parts were funny, most of it was bland and you come out with the feeling that the script was not well prepared. Then again, it might just be me.

But that’s not what I was referring to. I am referring to the spoof made about Riza admitting her virginity. First, let me just say that even though I was a leader in YFC and SFC, I have always been open-minded about sex. Still, I do not find it funny when people tease others about their virginity. I just believe that those who are virgin-by-choice were the ones who chose the road less traveled, and were strong enough to stand by their decision.

Find his REAL characterWhile we are on the subject, I just want to share this image I found on the PostSecret blog. The message was pretty close to what I told a friend a couple of years back.

Just to be clear, I am not saying that you need to sleep with your boyfriend to know his REAL character. But if you are, then this is one crazy way to find out.

A Special Banquet in Austin

3 04 2007

I read a post by one of my brothers in the SFC family (Nicky) and was humbled that he was able to go ahead with his fasting while I failed miserably.

On what was supposedly going to be my first day, I woke up late and immediately went on my routine of filling a bowl with cereal and drowning it in milk. I then realized my mistake and and tried to make it up by not eating the rest of the day. I simply took in water. Lots and lots of water. I was successful the rest of the working day but again slipped at night because I was simply too hungry having had only water. Not to mention the fact that it was Jeremy’s birthday and he treated us for some TexMex food. And today, I ended up finishing the rest of that TexMex food for lunch since there servings were huge.

texmex-ryan texmex-jeremy texmex-dan

I am not blaming Jeremy. I know that I have no one to blame but myself. I should have known myself better and not underestimated the effort needed to be successful in fasting, especially a water-only fast. But now, I know better and I will try to give it one more go. I’m not going to to do another water-only fast but decided to take it slow this time and try a bread and water/fresh milk fast until Easter Sunday.

To my SFC family, please pray for me that I may have enough strength to get through this.

To my housemates here in Austin, please do not cook any yummy meals, and I hope you can finish off that beef by April 6 all by yourselves.

May God be praised…

For more pictures from Austin, check out Dan’s album.

One and a half month of silence…

28 09 2006

Yup, it’s been that long since my last post in this blog. It’s not that I had nothing new to post. In fact, it is the exact opposite. So many things have been happening at the same time that just when I am about to blog about it, something comes up to distract.

Well, things haven’t really mellowed down yet. There are still a lot of things going on but I am determined to keep this blog updated.

Before I go start blogging again though, here are some of the things that went on in the last couple of weeks/months (in no specific order):

  • Christian Life Program 2006: I was again asked to lead the Christian Life Program for our chapter which started last Sep 10, 2006.
    • Inviting YFC -> Me, inviting YFC leaders at a Kasangga assembly just minutes before our CLP started.
    • Note: During the post-session meeting, I realized that my shirt’s sleeves had holes. 😛
  • Navitaire Basketball: Our company had a fund-raising event for HMS (Hungry Minds School)
    • First there was the PD (Product Development department, where I belong) Rookies vs Veterans challenge. Of course, the Rookies team that I was coaching won 🙂 Yep, I was coaching and I was my usual self.. Very strict and competitive. Actually, I was even grumpier than my usual self (imagine that) because of my toothache. Everyone kept quiet when I got mad at them for not playing without any heart at all.
    • Rookies Team -> Rookies Team
    • Rookies and Vets -> Rookies and Vets with our Director
    • Then I played and coached for the PD team (combination of Rookies and Vets) that played against the BPO team. Thank goodness that my brother is no longer with BPO ‘coz he would syurely know how to counter my plays. The PD team then wenton to playin a corporate league in the Bel Air subdivision. Unfortunately, we only came in third. 😦 But it was definitely a good experience for the team…
    • Team Bel Air-> Navitaire Bel Air Team
  • Bragging time: Sorry, I just have to brag about some recognitions that I received.
    • Although we lost in the championship game of the SFC Summer Basketball League, I was voted as the MVP. Here’s a picture of my trophy:
      • SFC-MVP
    • We had a bowling tournament to celebrate the 6th year anniversary of our company last Aug. I won the Samson Award. 🙂
      • Samson
  • Blue Swoosh Toastsmasters Club: I joined the Toastmasters club in our company to help me improve my speakingand leadership skills. I delivered my first speech, entitled “Love Stories” last July 27 (see programme) and, after a couple of weeks, delivered my second speech project entitled “94 feet.” 🙂

I’m sure there are a lot more things that went on but I’ll just leave that for my future posts.

Global Leaders Conference

11 07 2006

I attended the Global Leaders Conference two weeks ago. I must say that in all the conferences that I have been to in this community (YFC and SFC), this was one of the most powerful and inspiring event that I’ve been to.

The speakers were able to drive their point but what really got to me where the sharers. The sharers were so empowered that they shared the most intimate details of their lives to the crowd of 700. Details which most of us would choose to keep to ourselves, or maybe simply choose confide to a chosen few. But the sharers were bold enough knowing that this is what everyone needed to hear.

Here are a few lessons and insights which I got from them:

  • Evil continues to spread. Satan is real. The war is real
    • We experienced this first hand on our way to the GLF.
    • First, Hannah and Kaye had to work overtime for their projects. Thank goodness Len came to the rescue so we found someone to write with.
    • Next, Len had a minor accident on the way to Pasong Tamo where we were supposed to meet.
    • Finally, we witnessed a man get thrown off his bike while we were on the way to the venue.
    • All this was meant to keep us or scare us away from the GLF.
  • We can never just stay HERE. Whether we like it or not, our destiny is to go out there & fight.
    • We have to go out of our comfort zones.
    • We have to continue learning and growing in our faith.
  • We are not too poor to give.
    • The poorest of the poor can still give. I believe this was said by one of the sisters from Africa.
  • The sharing by a sister from Canada showed the real evil of pre-marital sex
    • How abortion was so rampant
    • How it was a simple service.. a service to eliminate life
    • How I wish these kinds of sharings would also be available to YFC so that there eyes may also be opened to the culture of death that is spreading.

Again, these are just a few of what I took home from the conference. There were more eye-openers but explaining them here might just lead to more confusion to those who did not attend, especially about the talk on spiritual deepening. So for those who didn’t make it, try to be there next time.. =)

By the way, here are some pictures from the event.