Another fail?!?

11 01 2011

I was half-way through the challenge but could not go any further.

No, I was not lazy nor was I too busy to exercise and was actually ready to start the progress test. Unfortunately, I got a sore back from a basketball scrimmage and just could not do any more push-ups.

Anyway, I am not really calling this a total failure as I was able to achieve my main objective, i.e. have a form of regular exercise. I will continue to play ball every week (scrimmages with colleagues and our weekly tournament games in the ABL) and will also continue to do regular push ups. This time, I will do daily push-ups of at least 80 (not continuous though)… soon, I hope the momentum will continue and I will start doing cardio exercises.


Fitness Buddies

6 04 2009

Finally, Alaine and I found some buddies to exercise with, Cal and Francis. We have been talking about doing this for the longest time but never pushed through with anything. It was always easier to schedule an all-nighter with pizza and booze, or a trip to Tagaytay than take time out to exercise, but somehow we found ourselves really going for it. I guess it was partly because they know about our December plans and really want to help me out. Thanks, guys.

too-busy-to-exerciseSo, last week we finally got our lazy butts off to play some badminton (though Alaine couldn’t join us because she was not feeling well). Sheridan badminton courts (somewhere in Shaw) is such a crummy place to play at but we were so determined that we did not care about the slippery floor (the court we got was made of wood) and the bad ventilation. Then again, the bad ventilation did help us burn sweat more than we would have so it all worked out for the best 😉

Then, just yesterday, we went jogging at 630 in the morning. Getting all of us up out of bed that early on a weekend is already something, but to actually go close to 30 minutes jogging was even more amazing. We had originally planned on doing a full hour of jogging but realized that we were a bit too ambitious and decided to settle for half of that… for now.

Anyway, we already have a few more plans to get us in better shape and I just hope those push through. 🙂

The Challenge…

3 04 2009


This is just one of the many challenges that I have decided to take to make our December 2009 wedding a success.

Don’t get me wrong though, I am not saying that one needs to be thin to be beautiful. I’ve always believed, despite the many detractors, that I am beautiful ;-). However, after seeing some pictures in our first prenuptial shoot, I had the urge to do something.

Realizing how huge your man-boobs can really change once perspective. man-boobs

Aside from that, is the realization that I am not getting any younger and my body simply cannot carry my weight. I have a hard time playing full-time basketball, that is playing with intensity in both offense and defense, and always have an aching back after a night of badminton.

The goal is to lose at least 30 lbs by November. Do y’all think that’s doable?

New Pix on my Multiply account

8 10 2008

Well, not really new photos… I am archiving the My Pictures folder in my laptop so I decided to upload them to Multiply before I move them out.

Here’s the first series: 

My Idol on the court..

22 10 2007

Ever wonder why I am so loud in the court? Here’s one of the reasons.


3 10 2007

Deadheading refers to crewmembers, including flight attendants and pilots, who are being repositioned as part of their assigned trip. That is, they’re flying as passengers while on duty.” – From USA Today

Now, what does this have to do with this blog entry? Absolutely Nothing!

As the category might have given away, this is not even about airlines but about basketball, particularly our company’s first ever basketball league. The plan came about a year ago after we competed in the commercial division of a summer league. The cut the story short, one of our officemates called a meeting a couple of weeks ago and then there we were last night, playing our very first game.

So, what does deadheading have to do with this? Again, absolutely nothing.

Well, ok fine, it is somewhat related because we decided to call our team, DeadHeads. Since our team’s “expertise” is on Airline Operations, we felt it was appropriate to use this Airline Operations term.

Come to think of it, it actually matches our team philosophy. Just as the crewmembers are open to being repositioned, our players are flexible in their role in the team. We have no legitimate superstar but we all knew that we all have to help in the little things in order for our team to win.

This attitude definitely made my life as coach easier. I had the luxury of playing around with the lineup. I would often have a different mix inside. I could use a lineup with two natural point guards, a line up without a legitimate center or even one with 4 guards and a power forward. I believe that this kept our opponents on their toes, never knowing what we would throw at them, and in the end it worked as we won our very first game.

Hope to see some of you there next time around.

Note: I will be posting the schedule of games here in case anyone is interested! 😉


One and a half month of silence…

28 09 2006

Yup, it’s been that long since my last post in this blog. It’s not that I had nothing new to post. In fact, it is the exact opposite. So many things have been happening at the same time that just when I am about to blog about it, something comes up to distract.

Well, things haven’t really mellowed down yet. There are still a lot of things going on but I am determined to keep this blog updated.

Before I go start blogging again though, here are some of the things that went on in the last couple of weeks/months (in no specific order):

  • Christian Life Program 2006: I was again asked to lead the Christian Life Program for our chapter which started last Sep 10, 2006.
    • Inviting YFC -> Me, inviting YFC leaders at a Kasangga assembly just minutes before our CLP started.
    • Note: During the post-session meeting, I realized that my shirt’s sleeves had holes. 😛
  • Navitaire Basketball: Our company had a fund-raising event for HMS (Hungry Minds School)
    • First there was the PD (Product Development department, where I belong) Rookies vs Veterans challenge. Of course, the Rookies team that I was coaching won 🙂 Yep, I was coaching and I was my usual self.. Very strict and competitive. Actually, I was even grumpier than my usual self (imagine that) because of my toothache. Everyone kept quiet when I got mad at them for not playing without any heart at all.
    • Rookies Team -> Rookies Team
    • Rookies and Vets -> Rookies and Vets with our Director
    • Then I played and coached for the PD team (combination of Rookies and Vets) that played against the BPO team. Thank goodness that my brother is no longer with BPO ‘coz he would syurely know how to counter my plays. The PD team then wenton to playin a corporate league in the Bel Air subdivision. Unfortunately, we only came in third. 😦 But it was definitely a good experience for the team…
    • Team Bel Air-> Navitaire Bel Air Team
  • Bragging time: Sorry, I just have to brag about some recognitions that I received.
    • Although we lost in the championship game of the SFC Summer Basketball League, I was voted as the MVP. Here’s a picture of my trophy:
      • SFC-MVP
    • We had a bowling tournament to celebrate the 6th year anniversary of our company last Aug. I won the Samson Award. 🙂
      • Samson
  • Blue Swoosh Toastsmasters Club: I joined the Toastmasters club in our company to help me improve my speakingand leadership skills. I delivered my first speech, entitled “Love Stories” last July 27 (see programme) and, after a couple of weeks, delivered my second speech project entitled “94 feet.” 🙂

I’m sure there are a lot more things that went on but I’ll just leave that for my future posts.