New Pix on my Multiply account

8 10 2008

Well, not really new photos… I am archiving the My Pictures folder in my laptop so I decided to upload them to Multiply before I move them out.

Here’s the first series: 


Tagaytay 2007

30 12 2007

Tagaytay2007 About two months ago, Alaine and I celebrated our three year anniversary. Although we were not able to do everything we had planned (like going to Taal and other places), we still ended up having a great time… visiting new places and just simply having some quality time together.

Our first stop was Buon Giorno @ Cliff House. I read about their Opium Bed from “Our Awesome Planet” and made reservations for it a couple of days before the trip. We then tried looking for the Flower Garden but ended up in Paradizoo instead. We went on a quick tour, checking out the farm animals there, before heading over to their affiliate resort, Residence Inn, to check out the exotic animals. Yey found the guts to have her picture taken with the baby tiger. =)

Next, although we were running out of time, Yey convinced me to take her horseback riding. She has never done it before so was really excited to get on the horse. She did not finish the allowed time though as her bottom started to hurt. Haha…

Finally, we headed over to Sonya’s Garden. We’ve heard lots of things about this place so we just had to check it out to see what the buzz was all about. The massage service and food were good but I don’t really think it was worth the amount of money. Still, it was a good experience for both of us.

Our final stop at Tagaytay was Rowena’s for their famous buko tarts. =) Just some pasalubong for our loving families.

All in all it was a great trip… not because of the new places and food but because I got to spend it with my GG. Thanks, Yey!

Check out for more pictures…

Camiguin Getaway

4 11 2007

Last week, we went to one of the places that I have been wanting to visit for the longest time, Camiguin. I have heard a lot of good stories and was really excited to finally experience all the hype.

The trip was planned a couple of months ago (five to be exact) and was supposed to be a family (cousins) reunion of sort. Unfortunately, Chokie had to back out at the last moment and Jit was not in Butuan at that time. Still, we found ways to have a blast.

I have uploaded some pictures on Multiply from Kuya’s Rebel XTi.

Camiguin Sights

Faces of Camiguin

1st Company Outing

26 04 2006

The recent company outing was nothing compared to last year’s when the whole company flocked the shores of Boracay. Still, it was good enough for me since it was my first time in Puerto Galera. I know, I know.. pathetic, huh!!!

In my opinion, the outing was not as well organized as I would have liked. The dining area did not have enough cover for everyone so some people had to eat their meals under the sun. Talk about a hot meal. The there was the over-extended presentations by the resort staff. Ok, they had really good dancers and some talented bartenders but it was not spectacular. If they were celebrities, it would have been ok but since they were not, we were more excited to see our officemates jamming and dancing away. And, oh, a fuse blew up causing further delay. Grrr…

With all these mishaps and more, one could not imagine that I would actually end up having a great time, but I really did. Somehow I managed to have a good time. Thanks to the following:

  • The banana boat ride, after which nobody wanted to ride with me again. (I will be uploading pix on this soon)
  • A teammate who became an instant superstar thanks to his drunken master moves.
  • Simply hanging out with the teammates

I have posted the pictures I took on my site. Check them out!
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