Take Two

7 12 2010

Today, I took the inital test for the hundredpushups.com challenge and made 19 good-form (as good as it gets for me) push-ups.

This is actually the second time that I tried to take on this challenge, but that first try was a total failure. Although that was a preparation for an important event, there really was nothing “forcing” me to complete the challenge apart from my (well, Alaine’s) desire to make me look thinner on our wedding day.

This time around, there is a bigger reason behind this challenge. I am starting to feel the burden of my overweight frame on an aging body and I do not like the feeling at all. Not only that, there were some findings in my latest medical which kinda worried me.

I really am hoping that I will be able to stay with the program and become healthier… and hey, maybe shed a few pounds along the way.


Liar! Liar!

2 12 2010

We had our 2nd weekly team meeting today and, as we sometimes do, we had an mini ice-breaker/team-building activity. It’s really more of a wake-up-it’s-really-monday thing more than anything else really, but that’s not my point…

This time around, I had two of my team members lead the activity. The funny thing was, they chose the same activity that I was thinking about, an activity that I learned from our bunso in SkySolvers (Navitaire), Rona.

It was simply called “2 Facts and a Lie.” You write down 3 things about yourself, 2 facts and a lie. Here are my entries:

* I had my first girlfriend at the age of 27
* I used to date a girl who is now one of Indonesia’s pop-stars (or is it RnB)
* I danced Filipino Folk Dance in front of the Indonesian First Lady

Can you guess which one is the lie? All of my teammates got it wrong!

I can’t believe people actually believe #2. Hahaha. She was a close friend but I never dated her. I wanted to but… oh well.
Don’t worry, Alaine knows about her. 🙂


13 11 2010

When I read Vivacious Virgo’s second blog post about her 101 Goals in 1001 days, I was suddenly reminded of my own list that I came up with a couple of years ago. When I looked over it again, I was quite disappointed because it was nowhere as extensive. In fact, it only had a list of places I wanted to go to… nothing more.

Although I believe that traveling should always be in this list as it helps us increase our horizon, and I am pleased to note that I will get to check off two more of those places, it seemed so shallow to only have travel on my list. So, I promised myself that I will update this list before this month ends with items beyond travelling.

Respect The Game

14 10 2010

With neither team leading by more than 5 points, it was a really close game. One could feel the intensity at both benches, with both fans and players cheering and jeering. The coaches were shouting at their players, some instructions, some profanities borne out of frustration.

Soon enough, in the last quarter, the pressure got on the players on the hard court. Words or,as we call it, trash talk were exchanged. From exchanging words, it turned a little more physical and ugly. Tough D was mistaken for rough play and soon, tempers flew and so did elbows… from which whistles blew and technical fouls were given.

Unfortunately, this lead to the fifth fouls to one of our opposing players, their second top-scorer. It didn’t matter though as their top scorer was just scoring at will and was able to keep the game close. However, with a couple of minutes left, another whistle blew and their top-scorer was out of the game.

Our fans roared and so did our players… but it was a little bitter-sweet for me. I wanted to win, and this sudden turn of events really increased our chances, but I did not want the easy way out. It made me doubt if we really deserved to win this..

But, when the final buzzer sounded, it was then that I realized that we were worthy of it and we truly deserved it… To be more precise, it was then that I realized that our opponents were NOT worth of it and did NOT deserve to win. You see, the majority of the opponents refused to exchange pleasantries after the game. I even tried to go up to one of them (if the Celtic’s had Big Baby Davis, this team had Cry Baby Davis) in the locker room and he refused to take my hand shake. What a Wuss!

I have never seen such display of unsportsmanlike conduct. And it was certainly a shock for me to see it from a group of individuals who are supposed to share the common core values of Integrity and One Global Network.  It makes me wonder if there are more of these sore losers out there. If there are, I would seriously re-assess if this is an activity worth having.

Some might question why someone, who cusses at his players and talks trash to opposing players, would have the nerve to write about sportsmanship. My only response is, “Yes, I am passionate and I get crazy during the games… but once that final buzzer rings, I respect the game enough to respect my opponents.”

Overheard at Shang Mall

2 10 2010

Translated for global appreciation
Cocky Man:Bossing, what floor is this?
Security Guard: 6th, sir
Cocky Man: Where’s the 5th floor?

My great writing kinda took the comedy out, but if you could just see the security guard trying to keep a straight face…

Back Again

24 09 2010

Wow! I did not realize how long it has been since I last wrote here.

I guess there was just too much stuff going around that I could not find the time to step back and write about how things have been doing.

There was mom’s medical condition, adjusting to married life, making career decisions and so much more.

I’m not sure if I can keep this up but, hey, it’s worth a try.

BlackBerry App World is finally here in the Philippines

24 03 2010

Just read this off Pinoy Tech Blog and so I will probably be busy the next couple of hours going through it like a kid in a candy store 🙂

Customers can now download BlackBerry App World directly to their smartphone by visiting www.blackberry.com/appworld or mobile.blackberry.com.