58 hours and counting…

31 03 2008

http://blog.koral.com/?cat=11 Yup, that’s how long I have not been feeling well…

It started around 3pm last Friday so I decided to leave work early and head straight home. Since then, I did not leave our place until around 10pm earlier when I went down for a massage.

I don’t know about everyone else but I just don’t like this feeling at all. My body clock is all messed up again because I’ve been sleeping a lot and I cannot seem to concentrate on any task… I even find it hard to finish a PSP game.

Oh man, I just wish I’d feel a little better when I wake up later so I can at least go to work and actually get something done there. Also, I really want to attend the fellowship with my SFC family.


What is the world coming to?

13 12 2007

Sudan man forced to ‘marry’ goat

“The goat’s owner, Mr Alifi, said he surprised the man with his goat and took him to a council of elders.”

“They said I should not take him to the police, but rather let him pay a dowry for my goat because he used it as his wife,” Mr Alifi told the newspaper.

I saw the “funny” video but I really thought that was just some kind of special effects or something… What is the world coming to?

Note: I wrote this months ago but got buried under my pile of junk.

These Jerks Should Be Skinned Alive And Burned…

20 10 2007

From ABS-CBN Interactive:

Eight people were killed while at least 129 others were injured after an explosion ripped through an upscale mall in Makati City Friday afternoon.

“This was a bomb. But beyond that we can’t say anything else yet because we are still investigating. What I can say is it was not [liquefied petroleum gas] that caused this,” Razon told reporters.

These kinds of events just make me soooo mad! Why ruin the lives of innocent people? Mothers with their children just enjoying some time together? Why? Why can’t they just target those idiots who steal from the country? The corrupt officials who pollute the airwaves with accusations against one another.

Damn these cowards who do not have the balls to fight head-on but hide behind their bombs instead.

Constant Change

13 08 2007

This is the title of one of my favourite songs and, although I knew people who moved around more than I did, I am able to relate to this song because I had a hard time dealing with change as a kid. Moving from our province to Manila for grade school, to Jakarta for high school and then back to Manila for university was not really easy.

However, this experience allowed me to become more flexible to changes. This is probably the reason why I enjoyed the Change Management class I took a couple of years ago, because I know and appreciate how difficult it is to implement and manage change.

I guess this is also the reason why I usually go out of my way to communicate changes to everyone, and why I appreciate leaders who take the time to do so. In the same way, that is why I do not like people who simply force new things down people’s throats.


Contact Change
Jose Mari ChanWe’re on the road
We move from place to place
And oftentimes when I’m about to call it home
We’d have to move along
Life is a constant change…

The friends we know we meet along the way
Too soon the times we share form part of yesterday
‘Cause life’s a constant change
And nothing stays the same, oh no

Clouds that move across the skies
Are changing form before our very eyes

Why couldn’t we keep time from movin’ on?
Hold on to all the years before this moment’s gone?
Why must we live the days at such a frightening pace?

We’re all like clouds that move across the skies
And changing form before our very eyes

Have we outgrown our Peter Pans and wings?
We’ve simply grown too old for tales of knights and kings
‘Cause life’s a constant change
And nothing stays the same, oh no

My Lakbayan Grade…

14 06 2007

… is C+!

Hopefully, my grade will increase once I go back home on September. For one, I have already booked flights to go to Camiguin for a family reunion. I am also planning a couple of other trips to the “usual” tourist destinations that I have not been to… Let’s see how that pans out!

How about YOU? How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan! And let me know… trying to get some comments going on here. Hint! Hint! Hahaha!

Lakbayan Visited Map

Created by Eugene Villar.

Sir, is there an emergency?

29 04 2007

Wow! This was how polite the officer was when he pulled us over. Yes, yes.. I was actually pulled over by the cops for SPEEDING!

I am sure Milo (my roommate in Austin last year) would be surprised. I was always the one telling him to slow down and here I am, being pulled over for being 20mph over the limit. Apparently, I was driving in a school zone and a little over the limit can already get someone into trouble.

I was really feeling weak and uneasy. I have never been pulled over in my life and it had to be here. Here were you cannot bribe the cops and here were I was pretty sure that I had just wasted at least 2weeks worth of allowance to pay the fine.

Speeding WARNING

Oh man, it was just not my day, or week for that matter. I have been going through a lot of stress lately and I just did not need any more problems. But, it actually turned out to be my lucky day b’coz the officer decided to let me off with a warning! Oh man! I was so relieved. I guess God thought I’ve had enough for the week. 🙂 I say this b’coz I found out from my colleagues later on that speeding near a school zone is a pretty serious offense. Whew! Thank you, Lord!

Blogging Boo-boos

27 04 2007

I just want to rant, so bear with me. It just annoys me when people post poems, lyrics and essays on their blogs without putting in their thoughts. I just don’t get it.. but then again, to each his own.

Dilbert on blogging