The Geek

27 07 2008
I had nothing better to do so I decided to take pictures of my different machines and setups…

1. We did not have a decent office laptop during the first few weeks so I had to use my personal laptop to work with folks from Manila. Mike was also kind enough to allow me to take home one of the LCD monitors during the weekends to help me work better.

2. When I finally got the laptop, a cool HP 6910, I decided to make my personal one a download and chatting machine instead. =) Here’s a snapshot of how I our living room was setup when my roomies went out-of-town for the weekend.

3. I saw an unused docking station in the office so I grabbed it for my own use. It’s just so much more convenient when I can just come in, place it on the dock and I’m all ready to go. I wish I could have this setup at home too. Even more, how I wish I could have one like this in the Manila office.

4. My work haven in Austin. I just love working when it’s all quiet and peaceful. Plus I love the headset on our phone… it is just so convenient to be attending a meeting and being able to have both hands free. Another thing I wish I could have in the Manila office.

Pictures are on my Multiply account.

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