The Dec09 Project

In one of my weekly meetings, every time we say we are on track, we are always asked, “What is your Leading Key Indicator?” In other words, what objective measurements can you show that we are actually on track. In QA management, that would often be the number of test items (e.g. test cases) that have been executed and passed.

I realized that this is exactly what I need for my Dec 09 project. For me to know that I am on track, I should carefully watch my leading key indicators, i.e. my weight in pounds. Given my goal to lose 30 lbs in 6 months, I would have to lose 5 lbs per month.

Date Planned Weight
(in lbs)
Actual Weight
(in lbs)
Mar 20 270 270
Apr 20 265 262
May 20 260
June 20 255
July 20 250
Aug 20 245
Sept 20 240

04/20 Update:

I lost 8 lbs so far. Of course, I am not certain if I lost all these in one month since I am pretty sure I started my exercise regimen prior to Mar 20. Still, it feels good to know that there has been some improvement.


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26 04 2009
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